Facebook Global Sales & Marketing Meeting

Client: Facebook
Venue: Marriott Marquis San Francisco, San Francisco
Date: April 2014

Meetings & Conferences

Meeting, Video Conferencing, Live Stream


Facebook wanted to celebrate their 10-year anniversary in a big way. With 1400 attendees expected at their Global Sales and Marketing Meeting, Facebook asked us to transform the Marriott Marquis into an听extension听of their main听campus 鈥 the ultimate Facebook experience.

In addition to design strategy, Facebook sought听to video conference and听broadcast a听live stream听of听the event in high definition.

Line of business:鈥Tech Giant听听听听听听听听听听We Delivered:鈥Full听Production听Services


Facebook鈥檚 2014 Global Sales & Marketing Meeting came with unprecedented and heightened expectations. The tech giantwas celebrating its 10th听anniversary and on track to close more than $200 billion by the end of 2014.

Held at the Marriot Marquis San Francisco, approximately 1,400 people were slated to attend the April听global meeting.听香港六合彩开奖网鈥檚 task was to elevate the meeting from a conference into an unforgettable experience, spanning from the general session听ballroom into the common areas. The objective was to give attendees the feeling that they were physically at the Facebook campus.

Throughout the entire planning and production process, 香港六合彩开奖网 used an agency approach for the customer. Our production and digital services teams developed impactful designs, content, and delivered听custom solutions听to听emulate the Facebook campus.

Multi-surface Projection Mapping

One of the key features at the event was the 165-foot wide multi-panel stage set and听its听composite of materials to听restage听the Facebook campus inside the large ballroom. Scenic听strategy included听elements like the red steel girders听which听gave nod to the same architectural features found at their Menlo Park, CA office. The听stage听panels were projection-mapped to display听interiorsyou鈥檇 find onsite听and听other听notable听details at Facebook鈥檚 offices. The panels also played host to听other听pieces of听creative听content听whichwe听changed听at different听times to complement presentations and speakers.听

Experiential Elements

The Facebook campus boasts colorful, crafty, curated artwork. Our production services team was able to mimic this look with content creation, scenic and environmental design, and themed action stations throughout the ballroom foyer, including selfie stations, a giant doodle board, and butcher block听tablecloths听and crayons during meals.

Appealing to multiple senses, we also booked a DJ for live walk-in entertainment. Our digital services team was able to video conference and live stream the event in high definition, bringing the event beyond the walls of the hotel.


Facebook鈥檚 global Sales and Marketing teams appreciated the level of detail听which emulated their main offices. They shared that it was听an especially memorable experience for international attendees,听both onsite and those tuning in remotely.

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