May 23 2024
Emily Loftis

Explore ways to navigate common event tech pain points, with insights on cost-saving measures, event production, internet needs and more. … Read More

Mastering ambiance: How to strengthen event impact with scenic solutions

May 17 2024
Emily Loftis
Have you ever walked into a room and immediately felt a certain vibe? Our environments have a remarkable ability to prime us for what we’re about to experience. And visual cues play an especially important role. What we see in our surroundings has a drastic impact on what we expect from an experience, whether an ...

Decode event impact: Planners' guide to ROI & ROE

Mar 17 2024
Emily Loftis
Reporting on the intangible moments that added to an event鈥檚 magic can feel daunting. What鈥檚 the best way to showcase impact to stakeholders who missed the electric buzz, participant excitement and quality connections? Enter ROI and ROE 鈥 your dynamic duo for capturing event milestones that impress your C-suite beyond spreadsheets and attendee counts.聽 Together, ...

How dedicated event internet services safeguard success

Feb 27 2024
香港六合彩开奖网 Research
Internet service is the thread that weaves together various event elements to help deliver a seamless experience, ensure attendee satisfaction, and manage costs. This is why it鈥檚 important to hire a partner to provide dedicated event internet services. Just like insurance protects you from loss in the case of a mishap, a dedicated internet services ...

Boost learning and engagement with multisensory experiences

Jan 3 2024
Kristi Casey
How to enhance learning, memory and mood with the cross-connection of senses 聽 Marcel Proust鈥檚 masterpiece Remembrance of Things Past begins with the narrator enjoying the taste, touch and smell of a cookie dipped in tea. That simple multisensory experience transports him back in time to his childhood, kicking off an epic multi-volume adventure. Similarly, ...

How to leverage audio for greater event engagement

Nov 3 2023
Kristi Casey
10 MIN
From sound effects to targeted audio, learn how to amplify participant experiences Sounds provoke powerful emotions. The sound effects in a movie make us lean forward with anticipation or jump in surprise. A song on the radio has the power to transport us to another time and place instantly. Conversely, when you can鈥檛 hear what鈥檚 ...

Going on a Site Visit? Ask these 5 Key Questions!

Oct 26 2023
Candice Beckman
When it鈥檚 time to select your venue, a site visit is one of the most critical steps. Not only do you get to physically step in your space and imagine your event coming to life, it鈥檚 a chance to ask the most important questions with your potential venue team. Unfortunately, so many of us are ...

3 Ways to simplify event complexity

Sep 11 2023
Annette Moody
Even the smallest event can involve surprising complexity: innovative technology, remote participants, not to mention on-site changes. And with each vendor or production partner, that level of complexity becomes amplified by the need to manage additional people and processes, expectations and production schedules. That鈥檚 why 鈥 especially if you have limited time and resources 鈥 ...

3 Strategies to crafting compelling event content聽

Aug 23 2023
Emily Loftis
Produce a memorable experience for your meeting participants In today’s ever-changing landscape, the way people consume content has undergone a rapid transformation. What does this mean for meeting and event professionals? You鈥檝e likely faced unique challenges in capturing (and keeping) your audience鈥檚 attention to deliver a memorable experience. Let’s consider some key trends that contribute ...

Inspire audiences with the persuasive power of color

Aug 8 2023
Emily Loftis
How to leverage color psychology to Unlock the Unforgettable Colors play a vital role in helping us navigate the world around us. Certain hues can influence how we feel, behave and even respond in various settings, giving them an intriguing role in human psychology and fueling our long-held fascination with them. This year, Pantone, the ...